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About Smart Hires

Smart Hires is a cloud based SaaS recruiting software platform company for talent management. 

We make it easier for companies to list their jobs and positions they want to hire by providing their own jobs site, applicant tracking system to help manage current and future talent with the latest AI and automation capabilities. 

For job seekers, Smart Hires makes it easier to create their profile and get matched with jobs. 

Companies should focus on what they do best, Smarthires goal is to make it easier for companies to attract, hire and retain workforce. This includes full time or part time or temporary workers. 

Whether you are a small company or large company, an educational institution or a non-profit organization, Smarthires provides all the software capabilities and functionality needed to hire and retain the talent. 

Our handshake functionality provides the employers as well as the job seekers to directly engage with each other. 

Smart Hires was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012. We started as a talent registry for bay area community colleges (Foothill and Mission Colleges) and NASA. The talent registry has grown to million+ job seekers and hundreds of employers. 38,000+ qualified candidates from Smart Hires “Hired” by employers across the country. 

Our primary office was located in the Silicon Valley, Bay Area but after covid we are a fully remote company with employees located across the US.

We are a proven talent acquisition partner who understands the complex hiring processes and helps streamline talent acquisition from job postings to hiring and onboarding the most qualified candidates.

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