Products & Services

Product Features


Smarthires platform provides full automation capabilities including alerts and notifications.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking to relationship management, all encompassing system.

Own Career Site

Your own career page that can be used internally and externally including your social media and marketing campaigns

Talent Pipeline Management

Find the right candidate with free cloud based talent pipeline management system

Job and Candidate Matching​

Employers can easily now see candidates (talent) that matches Smarthires unique job family matching functionality.


Post all your company jobs on our smarthires portal for free.

Simplify and Streamline Recruiting using Smart Hires


Career Page Creation

Smart Hires provides a link that easily creates your own job site. Use this to post jobs to any Job boards, social media, partner sites, internal and external websites, and for demand generation and marketing initiatives.

Full Service

Smart Hires professional services team provides everything that you need to get your site up and going including all IT setup needed to manage your hiring needs on a day to day basis.

Post to Job Sites

Free publishing of all your company job openings on our user-friendly Smart Hires website thus increasing your reach as well as posting to any other job site or social media sites.

Talent Management (Market place)

Smart Hires Market place capability provides you all that you need for recruiting to meet your human capital needs.

Marketing Automation

Smarthires can provide you marketing automation and campaign support by working with your existing provider or using Smarthires.

Insights and Analytics

Smart Hires provides insights and analytics for measuring recruiting pipeline, applicant status, internal HR representatives and external contractor performance as well as for measuring marketing effectiveness of your recruiting activities.

Attract, Engage & Retain Job Applicants with Smart Hires